6 years ago, I was JUST like you!

I was overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed, and full of guilt and stress about formula feeding. I couldn't figure out my daughter's symptoms and digestive issues and I couldn't find any high-quality information to help. 

I wondered... How could there be SO MANY RESOURCES for breastfeeding but absolutely nothing for formula feeding?

After doing alllllll the research and figuring things out for my daughter myself, I set out to change how we support new moms in making their feeding decisions.

I started working for a formula company doing content writing and campaigns. I became a Certified Infant Feeding Technician. And I started helping moms realize these truths:

💪 You can make an informed, confident feeding decision that makes everyone healthy and happy (your baby AND you!)

💪 It is possible for you to feel GOOD about formula feeding-- without stress, guilt, or shame.