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What if you knew exactly which formula would be BEST for your baby's needs?

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The problem? There are more than 50 formulas in the U.S. market


It's easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed finding the right one for your baby. Especially when...

  • Each brand promises new and "important" ingredients for brain health or a strong immune system (that marketing will get ya!)
  • Medical providers are no longer providing formula education (hello, lactivism!)
  • Pediatricians can be biased because of financial agreements with certain brands
  • Your baby has symptoms and you aren't sure if they're formula-related
  • And worst of all, you feel like you can't talk to your friends about formula because you're worried about being judged

Where's a mom to turn to find high-quality, supportive, research-backed information about what formula to choose?


Don't worry! I've got you covered. 💪


The Fast Track Formula Finder


A 3-minute solution for finding a formula that you can feel great about without spending time and $ on trial-and-error.

How It Works

You answer 12 questions. The algorithm, built by a formula expert (that's me!), calculates your specific set of criteria and gives you a formula recommendation plus several similar alternatives. With nearly 5,000 possible combinations of answers and 25 different formula results, this system is sensitive to YOUR specific needs.

Your Priorities

Answer questions about what's important to you (like organic options, avoiding corn syrup, or cost-effectiveness)

Baby's Needs

Share your concerns about your little's symptoms (including constipation, reflux, eczema, allergies and more!)

Individualized Recs

Learn the features of your recommended formula AND discover similar options from different brands.


A link to purchase is included in the recommendation to make things as easy as possible (no more grocery store hopping!)

THREE Bonus Resources Included!

Formula Truths Checklist

Eight pieces of encouragement for your formula feeding journey, plus an invite to The Formula Moms private FB support group!

Transition Guide

A step-by-step checklist for transitioning from breastmilk to formula or from one formula to another.

Formula Assessor

A symptom spotter tool that you can use to evaluate whether a particular formula is working well for your little one. 

All of this for LESS than the price of one container of formula!

Yes, I need this!

You're tired.

You've researched, talked with your pediatrician, asked random strangers on the internet and have given it a shot with more formulas than you'd care to admit. 

I did all of that too. And I still had a grumpy baby that I had put through the ringer switching formulas so many times. 

The Fast Track Formula Finder is a better way.

It's possible:

  • To give your baby a formula that has ingredients that you feel good about
  • To know exactly what to look for when you go to the store
  • To understand why certain ingredients and features will help your little one
  • To stop wondering if there's a better formula out there
  • To save money by not wasting it with trial-and-error
  • To get the mental energy back that you're currently spending on formula drama
For only $27?! Yes, please!

What Folks Are Saying...

Why You Can Trust Me

  • I'm a mom, certified infant feeding tech, and former content strategist for a formula company. I know formulas.
  • I formula-fed my own kids and know first-hand the struggle, guilt, and stress that can happen with formula!
  • I've helped hundreds of parents just like you find the best formula for their little one.
  • I'm a good human who wants nothing more than to create freedom for you in your feeding journey so that you can ENJOY your baby more!
Mallory could not be more knowledgeable and helpful about formulas, and that's coming from me as a pediatric nurse practitioner! I was stuck after the birth of my daughter and Mallory's insight was so crucial in helping me understand what type of formula could meet her needs. If you need formula help, Mallory's resources are the very best!

Ally B., DNP, PNP-PC

Hey mama, I'm Mallory!

And almost 5 years ago I was in your shoes. I had a new baby and breastfeeding was NOT working for us.

I found myself crying in the formula aisle, totally overwhelmed and totally unprepared for this side of infant feeding. We tried seven different formulas and it was hard on everyone! I knew there had to be a better way to get high-quality, judgment-free information into the hands of parents who need it.

After years building up my experience and expertise, The Formula Mom was born!

This resource is right for you if...

  • You wonder if your baby's symptoms could be better with a different formula
  • You're tired of buying formulas that don't work
  • Your pediatrician hasn't been helpful in finding the right formula
  • You feel bad about putting your little one through more trial and error
  • You want insight from an expert about what formula makes sense for your specific needs
  • You aren't sure how to introduce formula or switch between formulas
  • You don't know how to tell when a formula isn't working for your baby
  • You're tired of trying to figure this out on your own
Get the Fast Track Formula Finder for $27!

Lock in this great price while you can!

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I know not all symptoms and stresses with a new baby are feeding-related. But I have worked with enough parents to know that many are. That's why I designed this resource to take this variable out of the equation so that you can get back your peace of mind as it relates to feeding your baby.

This is a special offer at $27 and the price is going up soon! I don't want you to miss this!

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