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I'm so excited that you're thinking of joining the Confident Feeding Framework.

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0-1 Month

Topics include:

  • Ounces per bottle + feeding interval guidelines
  • Feeding on demand vs. feeding on a schedule
  • Normal newborn digestive symptoms and how to treat them
  • How to pace feed (and why it's so important)

  • Hunger and fullness cues

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1-2 Months

Topics include:

  • Scaling up the amount of ounces you're feeding
  • Cluster feeding and what's normal
  • The Period of PURPLE Crying/Colic
  • Tips to soothe a fussy baby (without defaulting to a bottle)
  • Tips for addressing common digestive issues in bottle-fed babies
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2-3 Months

Topics include:

  • Feeding volumes per bottle, and suggested feeding intervals
  • Understanding nipple flows and when to go up or down in flow rate
  • How to assess if baby is hungry or overtired
  • Understanding wake windows (the first step toward establishing a schedule)
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3-4 Months

Topics include:

  • Understanding developmental reflux and tips for treating it
  • A discussion about formula thickeners and what's safe (and what's not!)
  • Establishing a feeding schedule (if desired!)
  • Implementing a dream feed (if desired!)
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4-5 Months

Topics include:

  • Understanding the 4-month sleep regression
  • How to assess whether night wakings are for hunger or comfort
  • Strategies for soothing at night that aren't feeding
  • Suggested eating and sleeping times (sample schedule)
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5-6 Months

Topics include:

  • Priorities when starting solids
  • Understanding signs of readiness for solids
  • Tips for balancing solids + bottle feedings
  • Discussion of the pros and cons of offering baby cereal
  • Introducing allergens
  • Sample schedules
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