Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher Review: How Do I Batch Formula?

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Woman pours baby formula from Dr. Brown's formula mixing pitcher into individual Dr. Brown's baby bottles which are sitting on a counter

Everyone loves a good parenting hack! Between feeding, play, and sleep with a baby, it can become overwhelming so easily. Anything that promises to make my life easier gets my attention… but so many of them aren’t as helpful as I want them to be. When it comes to formula feeding, I believe making formula in batches is one hack that is actually super helpful and can make life SO MUCH EASIER for new parents– this is where the Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher comes in!

The Dr. Brown’s formula mixing pitcher is a simple tool that allows parents to make up to 30oz of formula in one sitting and then store in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Did you know this is allowed? It is, and it saves so much time while also reducing formula waste. Let’s discuss how it works!


How to Make a Batch of Formula

Making a batch of formula means making enough formula for your baby to eat in one day.

To make a batch, first measure out the amount of water based on the number of ounces your baby typically eats. If your baby usually drinks 26 ounces of formula a day, then you’ll start with 26 ounces of water! The formula mixing pitcher has printed measurements on the side in both ounces and millimeters to make this part easy. 


After, simply add your powder formula according to the label from your specific brand (most U.S. brands indicate 1 scoop per 2oz of water, while some EU brands require 1 scoop per every 1oz of water). Once the powder is added, pump the handle up and down to mix. There is a whisk-esque feature at the bottle of the handle to break up clumps and facilitate dissolution.

Then boom, you take the pitcher pop it in the fridge or you pre-pour the day (and night’s) bottles before refrigerating. You can then serve the formula cold and straight from the fridge, or you can warm individually bottles before offering them to baby.


What are the Benefits of Formula Batching with the Dr. Browns Pitcher?

  • Saves time during your busy day (no need to stop and mix formula every 3 hours)
  • Creates a smooth formula texture– no shaking to mix means no bubbles to create uncomfortable gas for your baby
  • Allows you to pour the exact amount of formula you need for each bottle (great for babies who drink an odd # of ounces or babies who have a different amount each time!)
  • Allows parents and caregivers to keep track of the total amount of ounces baby is eating each day


FAQs About Formula Batching

1) How long can a pitcher of formula stay in the fridge? 

Prepared and unserved formula is good for 24 hours.


2) Do I have to warm each bottle?

You can if your baby prefers warm milk but you don’t have to– many babies drink formula cold from the fridge!


3) After I add the powder, the total volume in the pitcher increases. Is this ok?

Yes, this is expected and is due to water displacement. The range of what's "normal" for a baby to drink in a 24-hour period is large, between 24-32oz/day, so as long as you're within that range it doesn't matter much how you count the ounces provided baby was full-term and is gaining well.


4) Is the Dr. Browns formula mixing pitcher dishwasher safe?

Yes! The pitcher can be disassembled into parts and washed on the top rack of a dishwasher. It can also be easily hand-washed by rinsing out excess formula, adding warm water and a few drops of soap and then using the mixing handle to agitate the water and soap within the pitcher. Then simply rinse and air dry!


5) How much does it cost and where can I buy it?

At $9.99, this is one of the most cost-effective baby products around, particularly with regard to cost for value. The Dr. Browns formula mixing pitcher can be purchased on Amazon.com or in-store at certain retailers (check your local store website to confirm availability).


Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher Review Wrap-Up

This easy and cheap tool easily gets The Formula Mom stamp of approval! It's a great option for families who want the convenience of prepared formula without the cost of liquid ready-to-feed options.

Have you tried this product? If so, did you like it? Let me know! I'd love to hear what you guys think! Leave me a comment below.