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Bobbie vs. ByHeart Comparison: Which is Better?

baby formula bobbie byheart formula review infant formula organic organic formula Mar 25, 2022
Can of Bobbie organic infant formula with can of ByHeart whole nutrition infant formula with comparison label

Wow, can I just say how AWESOME it feels that there are now two clean-label U.S. infant formulas to write about here? Even 18 months ago this wouldn't have been possible.

More options, higher standards, and new innovations are beyond welcome in the formula market. I am thrilled to see both ByHeart and Bobbie shaking things up!

But less about me and onto you-- if you're here, you are likely looking for a formula that is high-quality with a recipe close in composition to breast milk that avoids some of the ingredients that we typically see in infant formula like palm oil or corn syrup. 

The good news? Both of these formulas fit the bill!

Let's break down some of the key features of these two formulas.


Benefits of Both Bobbie and ByHeart

Before we discuss the differences, I'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the ways that these products are similar:

  • Both have received the Clean Label Project's Purity Award
  • Both have pesticide-free certification
  • Both use 100% lactose for the carb source which makes them free of maltodextrin, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and sucrose
  • Both are palm oil-free (which means they are less likely to constipate)
  • Both use grass-fed dairy

Price is very comparable with both ringing in between $0.21 and $0.22 per fluid ounce depending on whether you purchase a subscription. Both of these products also meet strict standards for ingredient quality and processing safety! 


The Scoop on Bobbie

Bobbie launched their infant formula in the U.S. market in January 2021 and has made a huge impact this last year. Offering a recipe that meets nutrition standards for both the FDA and the European Commission, Bobbie offers a traditional European-style recipe with highest-quality ingredients. You can read my full review of Bobbie (and snag a 10% discount!) here.

Vision and Values

Bobbie's approach to formula can be summed up in two words: simple and trustworthy. They elected to use a proven recipe, stripping away any unnecessary ingredients, and then leveling up the quality to make a 100% organic product. They take a "less is more" approach which lets parents decide if they want extras like prebiotics (recognizing that some parents may not).

They have a short, easy-to-decipher ingredient list that comes from local organic farms. Overall, Bobbie's formula is an iteration of a beloved European option that's available for the first time in the States.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Uses skim milk
  • Fat blend with no canola (rapeseed) oil and no palm oil
  • 60% whey protein to 40% casein (the ratio found in mature breastmilk)
  • 100% lactose providing carbohydrates
  • USDA-certified organic recipe


Bobbie offers the most DHA (an essential fatty acid important for brain development and eye health!) of any formula in the U.S. market at 20mg/serving. They also offer a small can size at just 400g which makes it a great choice for supplementing families (you may not use a larger can in the one-month window-- yes, you're supposed to toss used formula within a month of opening)! While primarily sold online, Bobbie is also available at a growing number of boutique retailers across the country.

My favorite feature isn't related to the product at all but instead the company. Bobbie is the only entirely mom-founded, mom-led formula company in the U.S.! Having lived through infant feeding challenges themselves, Bobbie's two co-founders understand intimately what parents want and how they feel. If you follow them on social media, this definitely shows.


The ByHeart Breakdown

ByHeart is brand new to the market after a 5-year journey of research and development! A science-forward company, they sought to take recent breastmilk research and use it as a blueprint to craft an entirely new recipe. With a large-scale clinical trial proving their concept, ByHeart offers a formula that narrows the outcome gap between breastfed and formula-fed infants. Read my full ByHeart review here!

Vision and Values

ByHeart's approach to formula can also be summed up in two words: innovative and complex (and breastmilk is very complex, so I don't mean this negatively!). With a large team of researchers and a heck of a lot of funding, they initiated the first infant formula clinical trial in more than 25 years to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of their product.

The positive results of this trial convinced the FDA to make two significant allowances that they haven't previously-- the use of whole milk and the exclusion of soy oil. ByHeart is a boundary-pushing new option that provides clean ingredients and all-in-one benefits from a unique recipe.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Uses whole milk
  • Fat blend with no soy oil and no palm oil
  • 80% whey protein to 20% casein (the ratio found in colostrum/early breastmilk)
  • Whey percentage comprised of both intact alpha-lactalbumin whey and whey protein hydrolysate
  • 100% lactose plus prebiotic fiber GOS providing carbohydrates
  • Lactoferrin for immune support
  • Majority organic ingredients


ByHeart's patented protein blend includes two proteins that are found in abundance in early breastmilk-- lactoferrin and alpha-lactalbumin. The alpha-lac whey provides ease of digestion and both proteins promote a healthy gut microbiome for immune system development. Their use of whole milk provides essential fatty acids, good cholesterol, and milk fat globule membrane, all of which we see in breastmilk.  

Additionally, ByHeart has its own manufacturing facility, becoming the 4th fully-integrated infant formula manufacturer in the U.S. after Abbott, Mead-Johnson, and Nestle. 


Which Formula is Right For You?

The question you've been waiting for! Here's the deal: I can't tell you.

The right formula for your baby and your family will depend on the specific needs, goals, and priorities that you bring to the table. Because here's how this looks for me:

Want something to supplement just 1-2 bottles a day? Bobbie wins.

Want prebiotics included? ByHeart wins.

Want a manufacturer with a proven safety record across decades? Bobbie wins.

Want a cutting-edge recipe? ByHeart wins.

Your best bet is to sit down and think about what is most important to YOU. I would consider:

  • How much do I plan to use each month?
  • Do I prefer the use of rapeseed (canola) oil or soy oil?
  • Do I care more about higher DHA levels or the inclusion of lactoferrin?
  • Do I like traditional and simple or new and complex?
  • Do I have a preference about 80% whey versus 60% whey?
  • Does a new manufacturing facility feel like a pro or a con?
  • Do I align more with a European recipe or a brand-new recipe?

There are no right or wrong answers here!

The good news is that both of these formulas are excellent options. You can't make a wrong choice here (and if you've followed me for long, you know I don't think that any formula is a wrong choice if it meets your baby's needs and your family's priorities)!


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Got Feedback on Bobbie or ByHeart? I always love to hear how parents feel about new products on the market. Send me a message on Instagram and let me know what you think! Happy feeding!

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