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I'm Mallory. I know you are ready to feel less stress, more confidence, and no guilt while formula feeding. I can help!

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I'm Mallory. I know you are ready to feel less stress, more confidence, and no guilt while formula feeding. I can help!

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Join more than 20,000 parents who have used this list of my favorite formulas to make confident feeding decisions πŸ’ͺ

Resources to Help You Figure Out Formula

The Formula 101 Handbook

This easy-to-read yet comprehensive PDF covers everything you need to know about formula! If you have a question about choosing a formula, prep, storage, or handling tummy issues your answer is here!

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Fast Track Formula Finder

Struggling to find the right formula for your little one? This tool provides a personalized formula recommendation based on your responses to questions, filtered through my expertise (in 3-minutes or less!). *U.S. only.

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1-on-1 Feeding Consults

Babies can be complicated! This package includes the Handbook, Personalized Formula Recs and a 45-minute Zoom-based consult to get your family thriving-- and that includes both you and your baby.

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Introducing the All-Access Formula Index!

A comprehensive catalog of EVERY formula on the U.S. market πŸ™Œ

Did you know there are more than 50 formulas on our shelves? While some families want me to tell them which formula to use (see the Fast Track Formula Finder above), others want to do their own research.

This resource shows you EVERY formula that's available in the U.S. (and the most popular E.U. options!), outlines their features, provides similar substitutes and allows you to search based on brand or category. Consider this your very own formula dictionary!

Get the Index!

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I'm Mallory!

Formula-feeding mom. Wife. Introvert. Carb-lover. Infant Feeding Tech.

Always picking a fight with mommy shamers on the internet (oops). On a mission to help parents drop the guilt about how they feed so they can stress less and enjoy their baby more! Believer in what-works-for-your-family is best!

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What parents are saying...

"Thank you thank you thank you! After taking your advice I did the paced feeding with my 3-month old daughter and her spit-ups have reduced significantly if not altogether. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Dina M.

"I just wanted to say thank you. You are helping so many moms out there who don’t even know where to start! And making us feel like awesome moms."

- Kelley C.

"I’m so glad you exist! I remember being a month postpartum standing in the formula aisle, sobbing because I didn’t know how to pick the “right” formula. I’m just so happy other mamas have this resource!"

- Molly F.

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